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About Century

Corporate Information

Business Focus

Century Computers Incorporated (www.centuryc.com) is a privately held corporation, providing everything a business needs to be up and running – computer networks and IT support, Internet connectivity and remote office access, collaboration and productivity solutions, professional scanning services, a complete suite of security offerings, and more.

Customer Focus

Century's IT professionals take care of 250+ corporations and government agencies in the state of Hawaii. Due to the nature of our offerings we can provide value for any business from any industry. We have extensive experience with the Insurance and Banking industries. We have also provided numerous services to real estate, retail, wholesale, and services-offering companies.

The quality of service and our expertise have enabled us to compete successfully in bid procedures and work with large customers, including the city and county of Honolulu, the Honolulu Board of Water Supply, the Department of Education and many other state and local government departments and agencies


Our outsourcing services help clients turn fixed costs into variable, obtain superior expertise, skills and technologies at more explicit and easier to control costs, achieve savings by tapping into our economies of scale and cut down on IT purchasing and maintenance costs by using our equipment and data center capacity.

Our Mission

Our mission is to simplify the Information Technology (IT) experiences of our customers, so that they can focus on their core business and strengths.

We simplify the IT experiences of our customers by letting them tap into our equipment, expertise and resources. Our clients rely on us to store their corporate emails or websites, manage and support their networks or provide them with critical applications on a pay-per use basis.

Our services provide tangible business benefits including improved applications performance, better access to new technology, constant availability of superior expertise, advice and skills, and improved productivity – all achieved in less time, with less resources, and with reduced asset-tied IT investments.



Key Benefits of Cost-driven Outsourcing:

- Turn fixed costs into variable costs.

- Obtain superior expertise, skills, technologies and performance without the significant up-front capital costs.

- Get superior technologies at more explicit and easier to control subsequent costs.

- Cut down on purchasing costs (planning, budgeting, financing, bids, paperwork)

- Achieve savings by tapping into provider's economies of scale (efficient use of equipment and data center capacity, staff expertise, capabilities, etc.)