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Organizations today depend on Information Technology (IT) to help them navigate through the fast-changing lanes of a hectic economy.

IT is indispensable for any business of any size. So is the need to maintain an up-to-date computing infrastructure.

The growing reliance on IT puts enormous pressure on technology decision-makers. Corporations expect that IT should drive revenues, not only reduce costs. They demand optimized and effective systems and solutions. At the same time they require that budgets are kept down.

CIO's and IT managers are finding it increasingly hard to meet expectations and do more with less. With the advent of technology, the traditional in-house system and applications have become more complex and costly to maintain than ever. Every new product update creates extra expenses and eats up resources, associated with installation, system upgrades, training, etc. To respond adequately to the needs of their companies while operating with small budgets, IT executives look for help outside their organizations. They turn to outsourcing.

What was considered impossible 10 years ago is now becoming a major budget item for a growing number of businesses. Cost, access to expertise and resource-related issues are the top three reasons the outsourcing of IT is so big today. CIO magazine predicts the outsourcing business sector will grow at 20% in the next two years.The Meta Group states the biggest growth areas will be networking (network design, monitoring, managed WAN, etc.), security and application services.

To accommodate clients who lack resources or need to optimize their IT infrastructure without the up-front capital investments, Century Computers offers a variety of partial to full outsourcing options. E-mail, Web, document and application hosting are only a few of them.

Contact us now to inquire about the offerings that fit your your requirements and budget.


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