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>Century Computers has the largest scanning facility in the state of Hawaii

Century Computers specializes in scanning paper documents and ouputting them to digital document systems that fit your needs. Our scanning services are part of our Document Imaging division, headed by Rob Hardisty, Century's Senior VP. We have the largest and highest-capacity scanning facility in the state of Hawaii. The scanning center is managed by our scanning services VP, Amanda Crabtree-Loo. Learn more about our scanning center>>

>Why do you need to convert your paper documentation to electronic files?

To reduce costs, associated with handling paper documents

With almost all of your information kept on paper, when you process company documents, you spend more on physical space, mailing costs, labor and materials .

Ensuring compliance with all Government
regulations is more costly and your business might incur penalties if requirements are not appropriately met.

To minimize lost opportunities Paper processing (forms, invoices, receipts, etc.) slows down your sales cycle and your response to vendors, partners and customers. It might result in lost revenue and missed opportunities.
To reduce business risk With storage cabinets to archive critical company documentation, it might be hard or next to impossible to recover your information in case that a disaster happens.

>Our 'Best Practices' standards

Using our state-of-the-art equipment, our experienced operators can process a high volume of documents. In result, we are able to offer fast, efficient “backfile” scanning of your day-to-day operation and historical files, records and documents.

We perform scanning and hosting services, using our 'Best Practices' standards and procedures, assuring the highest level of quality from the beginning.

Our scanning services give your organization the opportunity to focus on effective utilization of electronic documents without having to go through the “learning curve” trial and error of scanning. Documents scanned by Century’s scanning center are available for viewing immediately from the desktop via high-speed secure Internet connection.


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