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Century Computers is a full-service Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP), offering a complete suite of security solutions to ensure our customers are protected against intruders.

We provide VPN and firewall services, content filtering, spam filtering, intrusion detection/prevention and more. Here are the benefits to using Century Computers as your MSSP:

  • You gain a trusted security advisor, supported by vendors such as Fortinet, Symantec, SurfControl, Cisco, SonicWall, etc.
  • You enhance your network security and reduce the risk of your systems being infected with deadly viruses and worms
  • You utilize our trained professionals and our resources to receive the latest technologies that provide effective Internet protection
  • You receive 24x7x365 firewall management and monitoring
  • You receive free security upgrades and education
  • Malicious activity is detected and blocked at the gate of your network by sophisticated intrusion detection devices
  • You and your staff are relieved from the burden of day-to-day security tasks and can now focus on more strategic issues



“Managed security services holds the promise of helping companies of all sizes more effectively combat today's most complicated Internet-born attacks, without requiring significant IT staffing.”

Richard Kagan,Vice President of marketing at Fortinet