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  • We have the largest Scanning Facility on the islands. Come and visit our new and larger home.
  • Our Digitized Repository system allows you to securely store and quickly retrieve your archived documentation. With its state-of-the-art viewer, you can view 50+ different types of files without the need to buy additional software or licenses.
  • Our team of developers and technical experts, specializing in leading capture and workflow software, can help you automate critical processes and minimize manual operations. View our latest projects here>>

Managing information is critical for the success of your business. By scanning and indexing your paper documentation you convert it to eDocuments - electronic files, which are easily organized, archived, searched, stored and backed-up.

eDocuments are part of your overall company document management policy, which enables you to build an integrated system for managing the full-life cycle of your key corporate information.

The key benefits of using eDocuments are:

  • Organize your electronic files and share them easily;
  • Find documents via a simple or advanced search;
  • Automate collaboration processes - document review, change, editing, final approval;
  • Access and view documents using a web browser or a shared directory;
  • Email documents to and from your document repository;
  • Control individual or group access to specific documents;
  • Control better the storage of different document versions ;
  • Manage and move large groups of documents with the click of your mouse

Why Document Management is key to your organization's business goals

Customers want better and faster services.
  • Due to the advent of the Internet, web and wireless applications, customers today can shop, pay bills or receive the latest updates on a new product release in seconds.
  • You need document management to be able to cater to your customers' requirements for speedy information access and shortened processing times.
Government requires better record-keeping
  • Businesses are under constant pressure to be in
    compliance with a growing number of industry regulations,
    including HIPAA, FERPA, Sarbanes-Oxley and more.
  • You need Document Management to ensure secure storage and archiving of required documentation at minimum cost
Competition forces you to do more with less
  • In harsh economic times, businesses constantly search
    for ways to optimize their operations and minimize expenses.
  • Document Management is one of the best ways to addresses these concerns:
    • By having fast and easy access to critical company information, your employees work much more efficiently.
    • By storing your information and file assets electronically, you reduce the storage and administrative costs, associated with paper handling.