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Document Management




Document hosting means storing your files and information securely at our data center, after they have been scanned and converted to electronic documents.

For customers, wishing to avoid the acquisition cost and management commitment associated with an in-house document imaging system, Century offers document hosting services, using an enhanced Application Service Provider (ASP) model. We offer several, easy to start options, depending on the needs of each individual client.

Using our document repository, you can store a variety of documents in your dedicated virtual storage area:

    • Video Files - Quick Time, Windows Media Player files and more
    • Office Files and Documents - MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint presentations and more
    • Music Files - MP3, WAV files and more
    • Picture Files - JPEGs, TIFFs, GOFs and more
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Why store your documents with us?

Our ASP services will help you transform your business and gain productivity by allowing your employees and partners to access critical information faster and easier. Our document hosting offering, in particular, provides you with the following key benefits:

  • Minimal Front-End Costs - expensive capital investments for software and hardware are drastically reduced
  • Reduce On-Going Costs – paper shipping, processing, and storage costs are minimized when Century manages the document imaging system at our site
  • Avoid Annual Software License Fees – typically software vendors charge 15% to 18% for annual “Right to New Versions”.  This fee is eliminated when you use our hosting service
  • Avoid Software Support Costs – managing document imaging software can be expensive, especially during the first few months of operation.  Vendor support costs are high.  These support costs are drastically reduced.
  • Minimal Setup Fee - customers can reduce the startup fees (installation and training) typically associated with a Document Imaging System
  • Better security - reliability and disaster recovery
  • Avoid the cost and management of specialized document imaging servers and highly trained support staff. Century’s FileYard service handles the management of the imaging system at our site.  This allows users to get their work done efficiently
  • Sharing information is easy, using web browsers over secure high speed lines
  • Immediate Use - You can immediately use the images hosted by Century’s FileYard service
  • Best Use of Valuable Resources - Your personnel will become knowledge managers.  Allows you to perform core competency tasks.
  • Certification – images hosted by Century’s FileYard service meet industry-accepted standards for validity, confidentiality and reliability
  • Improved Flexibility – Century’s FileYard Imaging Services will take care of server software updates, software vendor communication, hardware changes, etc.

Document hosting is part of Century's comprehensive eDocument Management suite, which includes Scanning and Indexing Services, Document Imaging systems and applications, Workflow Automation and more. Find out more about our capabilities. Contact us now.

Our eDocument repository

We offer document hosting via FileYard and MS SharePoint. Image files are accessible by your staff using standard Internet browsers.